Kyle's Bio
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Kyle's Bio

For those that may not have heard until now, with heartfelt regret we must report that Kyle died suddenly, Saturday, May 17, 2008. Family and friends are heartbroken and miss him tremendously. He is in Heaven now and in God's care.

"K.B.", for short, was born in 1987 in Fairfax, Virginia.  He attended Calvary Road Christian Day School, Hayfield Elementary School, Hayfield Middle School and Hayfield Secondary School and enjoyed many successes both academically and socially.

Athletic and sideline pursuits included enthusiastic participation in youth league baseball since age eight, including being a productive team member of a number of league championship or runner-up teams as well as placing as high as third in the state of Virginia in the 11-year olds' Babe Ruth League tournament series.  Although a lucrative professional career in Major League Baseball was highly sought-after at one time, a career as a professional video game tester for Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft was not out of the question as a fallback.

Kyle also won the first skateboard competition that he entered, in a "Winner Take All" contest.  In addition to the cash prize, Kyle was offered and accepted a sponsorship by the local skate shop that backed the event.

Having graduated Hayfield Secondary School in 2005, Kyle attended James Madison University.  Asked how he was adjusting to college life Kyle replied, "I love it here."  (Music to any parent's ears...)

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